Skotan S.A.

Spółka giełdowa z wieloletnią tradycją


Skotan S.A. has introduced for sale new line of dietary supplements ESTROVITA. ESTROVITA products line contain unique, patented by SKOTAN S.A. composition of four plant oils (linseed oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, black currant oil) rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids from Omega group, which additionally are enriched with vitamins.

Products are 100% plant derived and deprived with any impurities. ESTROVITA line consists of 4 specialized products, which are produced in newly created SKOTAN S.A. production facility of Omega preparations. Whole production process takes place on fully automated technological line, meeting the highest standards of GMP/GHP used in the manufacturing of food products. SKOTAN S.A. launched a new ESTROVITA products page along with the on-line shop under